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Ramen Events is dedicated to capturing the magic and timeless memories of your special day.

We're a small team that will work closely with you to ensure your vision is captured perfectly so that you can cherish the beauty and memories of your event forever.


We pride ourselves in delivering unmatched customer service; your happiness is our priority.


We love capturing all the little things that make your event uniquely special; the love, intimacy and joy.. that’s where the true magic lies.


Our services include Videography, Photography, Livestream, DJ, and Master of Ceremonies of weddings, engagements, birthdays, photo shoots and much more.

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Wedding Table at Night


Our Team has the ability to create a HD Multicamera Livestream to the platform of your choice.

Imagine watching a rugby game on TV, our livestream method is exactly the same with the difference being that we are showcasing your wedding!

Our Livestream service incudes:

  • Multiple Camera Angles

  • Professional Audio Capture either straight out of the DJ's Speakers or Soundboard

  • Cellphone internet merging to create a reliable internet connection in situations where the is no net.  

  • A Live Editor who's manages the overall production and camera operators.

  • Live replay which means you have the ability to playback and watch the event at any time.

To Find out more about Livestreaming your Event

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