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Top 5 Locations for Wedding Photos in East Auckland, New Zealand

Are you searching for the perfect location to capture breathtaking wedding photos in East Auckland, New Zealand? Look no further! In this post, we've rounded up the top 5 places to shoot stunning wedding photos in this beautiful region. From iconic waterfalls to picturesque beaches, East Auckland has it all. So read on to discover the best places to say "I do" and snap some unforgettable wedding photos.

  1. Hunua Falls: Located in the Hunua Ranges, these falls are an iconic feature of East Auckland. The falls are surrounded by lush native bush, making for a truly unique and breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photos.

  2. Mauku Falls: Another beautiful waterfall in East Auckland, Mauku Falls is a hidden gem that is perfect for intimate wedding photos. The falls are surrounded by native bush and a small pond, creating a serene and peaceful setting for your special day.

  3. Lloyd Elsmore Park: This beautiful park is located in Pakuranga and features a lake, gardens, and playgrounds, making it a versatile location for wedding photos. You'll find plenty of beautiful spots to take photos, from the rose gardens to the lakefront.

  4. Clevedon Scenic Reserve: If you're looking for a rustic, natural setting for your wedding photos, Clevedon Scenic Reserve is the perfect choice. The reserve is home to native bush, wetlands, and a historic homestead, providing plenty of options for stunning wedding photos.

  5. Beachlands Beach: For couples looking for a beach setting for their wedding photos, Beachlands Beach is a great option. The beach is surrounded by native bush and features beautiful white sands, making it a perfect location for beach wedding photos.

Overall, East Auckland is a beautiful region of New Zealand that offers a range of stunning locations for wedding photos. Whether you're looking for a natural setting or a beach backdrop, you'll find plenty of options in this part of the country.

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